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We are proud that Zsolt Erőss has chosen our shoes for part of his Everest expedition!

One of the most important outdoor equipment is having comfortable shoes appropriate for the chosen goal. Our shop is a small family-owned manufacturing workshop designing and producing shoes for the special needs of outdoor tourists, climbers, huntsmen, photographers since 1989. Our aim from the beginning is to produce hand-made trekking shoes in outstanding quality utilizing the advantages of piece production. Materials are carefully selected according to our rigorous quality requirements, aligned to the desired needs of application circumstances. Specially sized shoes are also produced up to the size of EU 52 (US&UK 19).

Our vision is that all of our shoes would be a reliable and hamonic bond among person and nature.

Our manufacturing workshop is located in the heart of the Danube curve, Nagymaros, Hungary. Mauna trekking, street and huntsmen shoes are produced at the foot of the mountains, where the Pilis mountain range meets Börzsöny mountains and the Countrywide Blue Tour crosses the Danube river. There is also a shopping opportunity for individuals and merchants in our show-room near the manufacturing workshop. Our offer includes all kinds of shoes ranging from expedition boots to light street wear.

Beside the full Mauna collection, wide range of outdoor equipment and clothes are available in our shop.

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