44 400 Ft

Waterproof ankle shoes for easy and medium treks.

Waterproof ankle shoes made from cattle nubuck, appropriate for easy and medium treks.

Produced and shipped with non-rusting stitching hooks, non-dissolving strings, well gripping trekking sole, removable and washable antibacterial silver-wired insoles.

Caring after cleaning and drying of the shoes by greasing leather parts with dubbin via a cloth or brush and heating the grease into the leather via a hair dryer. A can of quality caring grease (dubbin) is included as a gift.

Size-replacement warranty is offered when the product is sent back within 8 days, however, it can happen that the shoe size requested for replacement is not readily available. In this case, the replacement shoe has to be manufactured separately and can be sent within two weeks after the replacement request. Some color difference is also possible for the replacement shoe.



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cattle nubuck


dark brown


calf leather, breathing membrane




1200 grams (42.3 oz) / pair


AB – light hikes

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