Brand-independent footware repair

We undertake the repair and sole-replacement motorcycle boots, shoes and hiking boots with sewed and glued sole. Reparation of leather and motorcycle-clothing and is also taken. Please contact us about your questions or needs

Reparation prices

Type of work Price
Sole replacements sandal sole 7500.- Ft
streetwear sole 10800.- Ft
trekking sole 15500.- Ft
Vibram trekking sole 18000.- Ft
crampon-compatible Vibram sole 21590.- Ft
rubber strap + midsole replacement, keeping the original outsole 17200.- Ft
motorcycle boots sole replacement from own material 12100.- Ft
screwed motorcycle boots sole replacement from own material 17145.- Ft
Replacements of soles
with rubber strap
replacement of trekking sole with rubber strap 18500.- Ft
replacement of Vibram sole with rubber strap 21500.- Ft
replacement of crampon-compatible Vibram sole with rubber strap 25400.- Ft
Other replacements women’s shoes heel rubber top piece 2030.- Ft
men’s shoes heel rubber top piece 3200.- Ft
anti-slipping part 2800.- Ft
half sole (anti-slipping part + heel) 5950.- Ft
women’s heel fleck 1950.- Ft
rubber patch 2540.- Ft
branzol replacement 2150.- Ft
sole gluing 4445.- Ft
remounting sole 7000.- Ft
partially sewing the sole 7620.- Ft
fully sewing the sole 12050.- Ft
replacing collar lining 7000.- Ft
heel lining 5500.- Ft
leg lining 7620.- Ft
full collar replacement 8950.- Ft
stitching hook replacement by dismounting the lining (starting price) 4750.- Ft
stitching hook replacement by punching through (starting price) 2540.- Ft
patching by sewing through 4445.- Ft
patching by dismounting the lining 5840.- Ft
velcro replacement (starting price) 1905.- Ft
zipper replacement 4445.- Ft
sewings by sewing through lining 3200.- Ft
sewing by dismounting lining 5550.- Ft
replacing clasp 1905.- Ft
Miscellaneous enlargement 1905.- Ft
impregnation 1905.- Ft
cleaning 3200.- Ft
packaging and shipping 2540.- Ft
express service premium 6350.- Ft
shoe care dubbin 2000.- Ft
washable antibacterial silver-wired insoles 2540.- Ft
shoe strings (non-dissolving) 760.- Ft