Shopping information

Selection of Products
The customer can select and order any products available in our webshop. By clicking on the chosen product, detailed information about of it can be displayed, as well as its options regarding the size and material, from which the customer can chose. On the intention of purchasing the product, it can be placed in a virtual shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to cart” button. The content of the virtual shopping cart can be displayed by clicking on the “Show cart” button, including the selected products themselves as well as their separate and summarized price. Correctness of the order can be checked, especially the prices and quantities that can be changed or corrected upon need. Total price of the order is calculated automatically by the cart.

Placing the Order
When the customer finds the products and their quantities in the cart satisfactory, checked the total price of the order and have decided to purchase the content of the shopping cart, “Checkout” button has to be clicked. Thereafter the options are offered to log in, register as a new customer or place the order without registration. When an order has been made previously in our webshop, e-mail address and pasword should be given in the log in option. Registering as a new customer requires the entry of personal data is needed for the purchase. These data are stored by the system in order to use on the next purchase by logging in via the provided e-mail address and password. Purchasing without registration only requires the entry of billing and shipping address.
In the next step of the checkout process, shipping and payment options have to be selected. If the content of the order is acceptable, the “Order” button has to be clicked.

Our prices are the list prices valid at the time of the order. Prices do include VAT but exclude shipping costs. Shipping costs can be displayed by showing the shopping cart, at the end of the checkout process and in this document below. In the case of an error or mistake in the webshop regarding prices or products, our right for correction is reserved. In this case the customer is notified on the discovery of the error or modification of the order data, which can be accepted or rejected by the customer. Both parties are entitled to desist the order.

Processing Orders
Processing orders in the case of products available on our stock is done within 2 working days. In the case of products available only upon order (which is displayed in their description), shipping can be undertaken within two weeks.

Correction of Data Entry Errors
The customer can correct errors in data entry before clicking on the “Order” button.

Confirmation of all orders is sent via e-mail. That means that the customer receives an automatic confirmation e-mail on the reception of the order, and another one later about the expected shipping date. On the need of phone conciliation, please call the number available in the confirmation e-mails, on the bottom of our site or on the Contact page.

Payment Information
Payment is possible in our webshop by wire transfer and via PayPal. Cash on delivery is only available within Hungary.

Shipping of packaged is done by internationally available couriers. The cost of delivery is 5000Ft worldwide. In Hungary, delivery is provided by the courier GLS for the cost of 1.290 Ft. Personal pick-up in Nagymaros, Hungary is free of charge. Picking up prepaid packages is only possible by providing identity card or if not picked up by the customer, an accreditation with two witnesses is required, which is a requirement of the edict 335/2012. (XII. 4.) 22. §,  (5) of the Hungarian Government since 2014.

Age Constraints
We cannot make contracts with persons of youg age (below 18). By the acceptance of trading conditions, the customer declares that he or she is above 18 years of age.

Products can only be returned in its original state within its original packaging, in original quality and quantity. On all of our products, size-replacement warranty is offered.

Declaration of Ownership
Delivered products remain within the ownership of the supplier until the purchase price is fully paid.

Modification and Cancellarion of Orders
According to the law of Hungary CVIII. of year 2001, the software of the webshop sends an e-mail to the customer’s provided e-mail address on the placement of the order immediately. This notification does not qualify as a contract between the customer and the supplier. It only notifies the customer that the system has registered the order and assigned it to the appropriate colleague of the supplier. If this notification do not arrive to the customer’s e-mail address within 48 hours, his or her purchase obligation is cancelled. The seller provides the right to the customer to revoke the order in an electronic way only until the start of order execution. On the start of order execution, the customer is notified via e-mail on the expected time of order completion, on the fact about the start of order execution. From this time on, revoking the order is only possible personally or via calling the seller on the phone on the number provided on the footer of the webshop or on the Contact page.

Modification of the order after submitting it on the webshop is only possible in written form via e-mail.